Endless -Trails

    We are a family of five that own and operation Endless-Trails.  All of our designs come from many different places, some have been drawn by my oldest daughter, some are from pictures we have taken around the state and some are ideas from all of you. 

    A little about what we do....We are a fostor family that takes in Babies, most of which are exposed or addicted to drugs, we love every moment. We have been blessed with the love of family and Lord knows we have plenty of love to give.  We are a Christian Family and we always put God first and continue to marval in His blessings. 

     We Proudly support our First Responders and Military, as we come from a long line of both and are so proud it!!

A little bit of Colorado Flag Trivia:
The meaning of the colors of the Colorado State flag are—Blue is meant to represent the
skies—Gold is said to stand for the sunshine enjoyed over 350 days a year—White
represents the snow-capped mountains—Red represents the muddy colored earth.
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